A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A turn-based RPG made under the Video Game Development Club at UCI during the Winter Quarter of 2017.

Play as Little Red Riding Hood and fight against the Big Bad Wolf. There is only one fight: the boss fight.

NOTE: Yes, the game is very limited in its features. Many of the team members are new to game development so we decided to keep a relatively small scope. We had fun making this and we learned a lot!

Move Cursor Up - Up Arrow or W
Move Cursor Down - Down Arrow or S
Select - Spacebar

Ryan Apolinar: Project Manager, Artist, Programmer
Arman Amjad: Programmer
Richard But: Programmer
William Yang: Music Composer (Battle)
Jeffrey Lee Ye: Programmer

Kingdom Hearts 3DS Dearly Beloved Cover by Alex Yeti.
Red Battle by William Yang.
away by flanhandle.

Install instructions

  1. Download Red Fantasy.zip
  2. Extract the folder's contents (make sure Red Fantasy_Data is in the same place as Red Fantasy.exe)
  3. Run Red Fantasy.exe
  1. Download RedFantasy.app.zip
  2. Extract the folder's contents
  3. Run RedFantasy.app


Red Fantasy.zip 28 MB
RedFantasy.app.zip 31 MB

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